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10 Young “It Girls” Dominating the Luxury Field

In thinking of luxury, we typically picture the timeless companies that have dominated the luxury field for years. But who is shaping the timeless world of luxury into the future beyond the scope of the brand names? What are the ties that keep luxury in both the past and future? The answer is: “it girls.” These “it girls” are the ones who have caught our attention; and who we aspire to be. They are the essence of youth and determination within the luxury field. Here are the 10 girls that have caught our attention and here is what they do.

Elise Taylor, Senior Living Writer of Vogue

Elise’s Instagram @ejtay

Elise Taylor is a prominent and frequently featured figure on, often gracing its pages upon accessing the website. She started to work in journalism while at university at Boston College, and it was during this time that she worked for the school newspaper “The Heights” and was the Blog Manager. During college, she interned at Condé Nast. Immediately after college, she went to work at Vanity Fair and then went to Vogue. After rising later, she is currently lifestyle editor for Vogue. Throughout her articles, her unique voice and writing while talking about the luxury field is apparent.

Sarah Staudinger, Founder of Staud

Sarah’s Instagram @staud

While working as fashion director for Reformation, Sarah Staudinger noticed a gap in the luxury market. She noticed how women wanted logoless luxury handbags, like the Row, yet still affordable. With that, she created her own brand Staud: Beginning as a handbag company. She took inspiration from her godmother Cher and chic childhood figures in L.A. Staud has now expanded into clothing and shoes and is worn by Hailey Beiber, Kendall Jenner, and Sophie Turner. Staud also has stores in New York City, Los Angeles, and Dallas.

Georgiana Huddart, Co-founder of Hunza G


Georgianna Huddart has a remarkable story when it comes to Hunza G. She revived the iconic 80s company best known for the blue and white cut-out dress from Pretty Woman. It started after she had been reminded of the company after finding some old Hunza dresses in a clothing box. After that she sought out her now business partner, Peter Meadows, who started the company in 1984 under the name Hunza. So then with the addition of the presence of Georgiana, the company would have a website, Instagram, and an overflow of orders, completely reinventing the company. When going to any fabulous resort, without a doubt, you will see a Hunza G swimsuit. Hunza G is a clothing and swimsuit brand known for “unique crinkle-stretch fabrication” and “high-cut leggy designs.” The iconic one-piece swimsuits are simple, classy, and sexy, making them the perfect staple piece.

Meg Strachan, Founder of Dorsey

Harper’s BAZAAR

Meg Strachan noticed that the jewelry market hadn’t evolved very much to cater to what the consumers wanted: both sustainability and more affordable prices. The gap she identified was in the luxury market as there were a multitude of women who wanted beautifully crafted necklaces but not at a high cost. Her idea was to use lab-grown diamonds to create sustainable, high-quality, and low-cost beautiful jewelry pieces. After “tons of rejection,” she would eventually go on her own to start the company with $1,000. After a lot of hard work, the company has sold one million lab-grown stones that have been worn by celebrities like Justin Bieber.

Xenia Adonts, CEO of Attire & influencer

Xenia’s Instagram @xeniaadonts

If you follow Xenia Adonts on either Instagram or TikTok you will easily be captivated by her looks for events with Hermes, Chanel, Gucci, and more. Her career started during her gap year after getting a strenuous degree in finance to work as an investment banker in Germany. She posted on social media and would eventually “blow up.” After her rise in recognition and popularity, she began pursuing social media as her full-time career. As she progressed into the fashion world she became aware of the unethical standards of the fashion industry she would seek out to create a sustainable fashion brand called Attire. And that is precisely what she did.

Lila Moss, Model

Lila’s Instagram @lilamoss

We have seen her everywhere: Burberry, the Met Gala, and Miu Miu. To say she is an “it girl” of the modeling world is an understatement. Taking after her mother, Kate Moss, Lila Moss is a rising star within the luxury modeling world. One of the most notable moments was when she wore her insulin pump to the Met Gala, thus breaking down the stigma of diabetes which is often not shown in the luxury field.

Sofia Richie Grainge, Socialite and Model

Sofia’s instagram @sofiarichiegrainge

Whether you have seen her iconic wedding or her fashion looks, Sofia Richie is everywhere. She is the modern-day icon of ours all. Her iconic youthful yet sophisticated first came out when she began working with stylist Liat Baruch with the intention of “elevating her aesthetic and self expression.” Drawing from timeless fashion icons like Carolyn Besset-Kennedy but still incorporating a modern aspect. Her iconic Chanel looks at her wedding have us all in awe. She has captivated us as well by her recent David Yurman campaign. This is just the beginning for Sophia Richie, with tidbits of a release of her clothing line.

Lauren Ireland, Co-Founder of Summer Fridays

Lauren’s Instagram @laurenireland

Lauren Ireland is the founder of the iconic clean beauty line Summer Fridays which produced the iconic “Jet Lag Mask.” Lauren entered into the luxury clean beauty industry later in life. She held numerous roles before becoming an entrepreneur: influencer, news anchor, and journalist. It was when she was pregnant with her first child that she began to search for clean ingredients and was out of luck. She then realized the gap with the luxury skincare world of clean ingredients and got the idea to launch Summer Fridays. Her product h is now used by Kim Kardashian and Jessica Alba.

Audrey Peters, Influencer

Audrey’s Instagram @audreypeters

Whether you see her on TikTok or Instagram, you are immediately attracted to her bold personality. She isn’t afraid to stand out. In a day of “quiet luxury,” Audrey Peters is exactly not that. She is not afraid of a logo. While working at Hearst, Audrey began posting on TikTok which transitioned into a full-time job as her platform grew more and more. On her platform, viewers are immediately attracted to her loud vibrant spirit. She also brings her followers a true honest and youthful perspective within the scope of the luxury field, from talking about the process of obtaining a Birkin to showing an inside look at the Valentino show. Audrey Peter isn’t afraid to be loud or showcase her youth within the luxury field.

Meredith Hayden, Private Chef and influencer

Meredith’s Instagram @wishbonekitchen

Oftentimes people associate the luxury food industry with restaurants and not the chefs behind the scenes but Meredith Hayden is changing that. After working at Vogue, Meredith decided to pursue her passion for cooking. She became a private chef making beautiful, colorful, and healthy dishes. One of her most famous clients is fashion designer Joseph Altuzzra. Her content first became popular when she began posting vlogs of her Hampton summers as a private chef for Altuzzra and his family. Here she would post her days as a chef and the luxury dishes she would create. Beyond just the scope of the private market, Meredith also has a blog, an upcoming cookbook, and an amazing fashion sense.

By: Ella Jane Dougherty

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