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New territories are being discovered as more collaborations between fashion powerhouses are emerging. Various marketing tactics are being used that infer a connection between low costs and high fashion designs. The controversial irony is that although these designer brands are collaborating with lower-cost brands, the exclusivity of the products released drives up the cost, even beyond designer pricing.

Miu Miu x New Balance and Jaquemes x Nike are some of the few examples where we can see luxury meet everyday style. Taking a look at these collaborations we see the brands bringing high fashion to the average consumer.

Where this strikes controversy is the cost of owning items from such collaborations. It is interesting to see luxury finally meeting low-cost fashion, but it seems like the one thing missing from such collaborations is the “low cost” aspect. We still see the high prices and no room for affordability.

However, despite the illusion that these collaborations create, they still mark history in a way that has not been done before, and which, until a decade ago, would have not even been imaginable.

The intersection of luxury and low-cost fashion provides, therefore, an interesting commentary on new trends in the industry.

Again, what’s missing is the element of accessibility. As a matter of fact, most of these collaborations end up being way more expensive than the items these brands would normally sell. For example, in the latest collab between Louis Vuitton, Virgil Abloh, and Nike, a pair of Off-White Air Force resells for around $2,700 whereas normal white Nike Air Force 1’s usually retail for about $100 and a pair of Vuitton for about $1,000.

On the other hand, in the few cases in which the products are somehow more affordable, they are almost impossible to purchase due to limited availability.

But wasn’t the main objective of these collaborations the one of broadening the customers’ scope? Or do these partnerships represent simple marketing strategies?

The line is hard to draw.

Fashion and designer enthusiasts will surely rejoice, but who is the real winner in this illusionistic trick?

A piece written by Zena Al-khatib

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