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A Truffle Dèlice

How best to define a luxurious Michelin meal than to make it a truffle dish?

Picture this: a warm summer day; typical local dry European vegetation fully surrounding your view; and a couple of hours of travel through a small two-way route in the south of France.

At Fontjoncouse, in the Auberge du Vieux Puits, Chef Gilles Goujon is most known for his truffle entrée that is -as he defines it- an egg « pourri » with truffle. Egg whites are used to create the external appearance of an egg in which the chef made a truffle concoction. A delicious mushroom sauce is added with a truffled brioche and a small truffle cappuccino to be consumed with.

The beauty of this dish falls not only in the wonderful quality of the truffle but also in its presentation. The ingredients are gracefully presented on a glass bowl that’s filled with hay and shaped as a nest. This enables the taster to not only taste the freshness of the ingredients but also perceive it in this gorgeous art piece (literally).

The mixture of textures united through the same ingredient enables the taster to experience truffle in forms that bring out its strength. Hence, stimulating the taster’s taste buds extensively. This dish is unique, worth its price, and definitely worth the detour to the small provincial french village.

-by Lorène Delpuech Turière

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