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The iconic ski resort became popular after a railway was built from Montreaux to Gstaad, allowing residents and visitors to easily access the mountains. At first, tourists were attracted to the town because of its cozy and warm feel that was created by the wooden chalets on the slopes. The opening of glamorous hotels such as Gstaad Palace (pictured below) and later the Alpina Hotel created winter escapes for celebrities all around the world. In addition, the ski resort is also home to the winter campus of Le Rosey, one of the most globally renowned boarding schools!


Another classic skiing destination located in Switzerland is St. Moritz. It offers exceptional gastronomic experiences, picturesque views, and most importantly, countless skiing slopes for beginners to frequent skiers. This allowed the town to host the Winter Olympics twice!


Located in the heart of the Alps, this resort historically served as an escape for the wealthy from the crowds of popular Swiss skiing resorts. The role of the Rothschild family in the development of the resort cannot be overlooked – Baroness Noémie fell in love with the small village and its landscapes and thus decided to help develop the first ski lift there.


The charming place in France consists of three valleys (Trois Vallées), comprising Courchevel, Méribel, and Belleville, making it one of the largest ski resorts. Here you will never get tired of the stunning landscapes and an endless variety of slopes to ski down. As always, get ready for some delicious food, but be prepared for lots of cheese!


The freezing temperatures in Whistler allow for incredible skiing conditions, which makes the resort perfect for true ski lovers with lots of snow and picturesque scenery. Sophomore student Cooper Swan who vacations in Whistler yearly comments “the nature is so beautiful – that’s one of my favorite things about it, the massive trees and glaciers covered in snow…” Cooper also adds that something unique about the village is that “the base of both mountains are specifically designed for walking and cars are not even allowed in the villages,” giving the town a much more relaxed feel. Jazmine Zage, who also celebrates the holidays in the Canadian town adds that “Whistler is a big ski town, so a big part of the holidays is just being on the mountain with family.”


Last but not least, the four mountains and two towns that make up Aspen create the ultimate skiing destination in the United States. Aspen is a town with one of the highest prices of real estate per square foot, showing how desired the fresh air and winter activities are among the public.


From valleys like Cortina d’Ampezzo to Val Gardena, the Italian Dolomites are one of the most beautiful mountains to ski on. The sunny slopes are always covered with snow and full of endless possibilities of authentic Italian cuisine to choose from. Cortina d’Ampezzo’s popularity is rapidly increasing due to all the place has to offer. After a day on the slopes, do not miss out on incredible restaurants such as Tivoli or take a break from skiing at Ristorante Da Aurelio al Passo Giau which overlooks the renowned Marmolada mountain.


Also placed in the Italian Dolomites, Madonna Di Campigli offers much more than just traditional skiing: one can take courses about chocolate, ski during sunrise or sunset, and even spend a night in an igloo. Priding itself on its ‘mountain chic’ ambiance, the town also allows you to immerse yourself in Italian style while shopping in its high-fashion boutiques. Finally, do not forget to explore the gastronomy the resort has to offer – restaurants Il Gallo Cedrone and La Stube Hermitage impressed the prestigious Michelin Guide and were both awarded a star, which is defined as a culinary experience that is “worth a stop”!


Possibly the most famous skiing destination in Asia, the Niseko town in Hokkaido offers perfect skiing conditions. The self-proclaimed ‘Powder snow capital’ is a dream for any freestyle skier and snow-lover. Enjoy the stunning views and incredible Japanese hospitality in this unique destination!

Written by Zoya Solaja

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