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More than just Supercars: An International Philanthropic Community

There is a certain kind of freedom and control that can only be brought about by the thrill of being behind the wheel of an exotic car. No matter where one is driving to, the experience of operating these types of vehicles has the power to instantly transform any regular car ride into a luxurious adventure. The world of exotic cars is much more expansive and meaningful than may originally meet the eye of an outsider. What may seem like an every day, trivial experience to some is instead viewed as moments of exhilaration meant to be enjoyed to the maximum by those heavily involved within the supercar community. It is precisely for this reason that clubs like Fast Lane Drive have sprung into existence, providing a forum for those who are like minded in this way to exercise their passions alongside others who share the same fascination with and zest for exotic automobiles. The Fast Lane Drive club has worked solely to unite these exotic car owners and enjoyers all across the United States and the world at large, bringing all who share an unexplainable desire for hitting the road together under one large umbrella network of car enthusiasts. With large chapters established from California to D.C. all the way to Monaco, the club has earned a widespread reputation of prestige among the supercar community. 

Although many other clubs exist within the world of exotic cars, none are quite like Fast Lane Drive, which is unique in more ways than one. Aside from its incredibly wide reach and competitive membership, Fast Lane Drive was founded on the back of philanthropic principals. This is something that no other automobile club has been able to achieve so successfully while at the same time managing to both maintain and expand upon its reputation of luxury. The club has risen to prominence, not only as a result of their presence on the roads upon which they drive, but because of the differences that they have made in the communities that they drive through. As the club expands further and further into new geographical locations, its membership shifts, bringing in people from new communities, all of which have a passion just as deep for where they come from as they do for the road itself. 

Those who belong to Fast Lane Drive understand that they come from a unique place of privilege, and because of this, only wish to help spread good throughout the cities they travel through. The club boasts their support and contributions to many charitable organizations which reflects the various interests across its membership. Some of these groups relate more closely to the personal goals of Fast Lane Drive, such as Cruise 4 Kids, which is focused on providing for children in the San Diego area through the utilization of car-focused fundraising opportunities. The club, in addition to raising funds independently for Cruise 4 Kids, attends and participates in many of the local events annually, providing their services whenever possible. Fast Lane Drive also has a strong relationship with Leukemia & Lymphoma Society, stemming from the personal experiences of many prominent members which have either battled cancer, or been close to loved ones who have. The club has raised over 50,000 dollars in contributions alone to aid in the continual cancer research and experimentation conducted by the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society. Alongside these two honorable causes, Fast Lane Drive also has associative partnerships with Voices for Children, San Diego Coastkeeper, Make-a-Wish, CPH II-99 Foundation, and Childhelp, all of which are charitable organizations with unique and honorable causes behind them.

Although Fast Lane Drive has now become a well established, members-only supercar club, the club came to be in a much more casual yet intimate setting. Founded in 2018, co-founders Clement Connor, Diaa El All, and Giovanni Letellier made the fateful decision to invite some of their closest friends and fellow exotic car lovers to go for a drive through San Diego all together. While the original plan was meant to be simple, consisting of caravaning through coastal roads and enjoying a meal with friends, all while enjoying the views around them, immediately the group began planning future drives. Wanting to share the bliss they had experienced on their ride, they invited more and more friends to join them, soon leading to the formation of the club that would later be known as Fast Lane Drive. In the five years since the club’s inception, Fast Lane has grown to100 members in San Diego alone, with a worldwide network of several hundred more. These chapters even feature such exotic supercars such as the McLaren P1 and a Ford GT in their rally lineups. The size of the club, although increasing, has still remained intimate enough that each of the members feel the intimacy and bonds between them, helping to maintain and foster strong friendships throughout the supercar community. Fast Lane Drive has, through their expansion and participation in community events, rallies, and caravan drives, cultivated one of the only communities of supercar owners who love driving their supercars, connecting with like-minded enthusiasts, and giving back to their community all the same.

Fast Lane Drive remains consistently committed to their activities and staying involved, scheduling events across the club accounting for 35 weeks out of the year. Of these events, six of the more popular categories include organized track days, FI watch parties, charity drives, members only dinners, multi-chapter holiday parties, and women’s only events. Although none of the active board members of this club are female, the club prides itself on its 25% female membership, hoping to further foster the involvement of more women in the supercar community by uniting all those who are interested and providing them with a forum to explore their interests. Despite the fact that the club is concentrating its efforts on expansion in terms of its chapters and membership, Fast Lane has a very strong and thriving chapter right here in Los Angeles. Members enjoy scenic drives along the coast and through downtown Beverly Hills, great networking opportunities, and extravagant events. The chapter even has an upcoming Christmas party to be held on December ninth. 

Fast Lane Drive epitomizes the idea of luxury within the supercar community. The club works to unite exotic car enthusiasts across the world, bringing them together to form a network of all those with similar interests. This members-only organization not only cares about its exclusivity and the elegance of their events, but also about what can be done for the community around its chapters. Working to bring a little luxury to the communities which house the club, the philanthropic efforts of the club do not go unnoticed, using privilege in order to make a real and tangible difference in the lives of those around them. Not everyone can appreciate the true essence and feel of exotic cars in the way that Fast Lane Drive members can, allowing the club to bring like-minded individuals together and foster strong and intimate bonds all centering around their common love for adventure. Much more than just a frivolous community, Fast Lane Drive is a family, dedicated to exotic supercar enthusiasts with big hearts and a passion for the road.

*All photos from Fast Lane Drive Club

By: Sarah Goldstein

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