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In 1891, Daniel Swarovski had a vision of creating “a diamond for everyone,” and this vision has guided his brand Swarovski ever since. According to its website, Swarovski’s diamonds are lab-grown diamonds that are indistinguishable from a mined diamond in all chemical, physical, and optical attributes. Its crystals are a form of glass that’s “created with a patented process”.

While its products are a lot more affordable than natural diamonds and gems, Swarovski managed to create this luxurious feeling through their smart marketing strategy. From Marilyn Monroe’s iconic Swarovski crystal dress, Audrey Hepburn’s tiara in Breakfast at Tiffany’s, to the 45 million crystals decorating the 2018 Oscars stage, Swarovski portrayed this luxurious image, helping its customers to draw connections between its brand and this dazzling vibe. Nowadays, social media seems to greatly shape the way people perceive value in an item—celebrities can easily make something “luxurious” when they vouch for those products.

As social media becomes more influential when it comes to brand positioning & exposure, we might need to redefine luxury in our own way.

A piece written by Jacquelyn Wang

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