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As we herald in a new age propelled by social media, everyone wants luxury, or at least the appearance of it.

Who doesn’t want to update their Instagram feed with expensive cars, private jets, majestic yachts, and illusions of grandeur?

Well now, keeping in light these recent trends, you can experience these fantasies without being a multi-millionaire. It is possible to rent Ferraris and Rolls-Royce’s by the hour; private air travel is also being offered by companies renting out entire jets or selling tickets to the exclusive experience. And all the most popular destinations have yacht rentals for groups. Which, once again, brings us back to the question, is luxury becoming MORE affordable?

Now, by no means are these experiences cheap: they will still set you back a hefty amount as spending $1500 a day to drive a Ferrari F8 Spider is still definitely not inexpensive, but much more in reach than forking out half a million dollars to buy the car.

Cars, Jets and Yacht rental is not where this stops though, with online shopping websites such as The Real Real and Vestiaire Collection selling authenticated pre-owned luxury products, from clothing to watches. An Hermes Birkin bag which costs a whopping $12,000 dollars in store can be bought starting at $7,500 a 37.5% discount. So many people frequent designer outlet malls for a similar reason.

However, bargain hunting is not something to be ashamed of. Shrewd money managers needn’t buy items at full price, the latest trend in the industry really goes to show how far people are willing to go for “luxury”. Online brand Vivrelle through its subscription-based model allows you to rent designer handbags and jewelry. You can choose to keep the item for as long as you want or swap it out for a newer piece so long as you continue paying their subscription fee which starts at $39/ month for the first tier going all the way

to $249/ month for the premium tier, each differing in the retail value of items provided. This seems like a great opportunity for people who get bored too easily and do not want to tie themselves down to an expensive purchase.

And I do not think this stops here. As people get more and

more absorbed by their digital lives, more ways will be found for everyone to get their hands on the aura that surrounds luxury. Which brings up another question: is luxury being slowly secluded in the realm of appearances?

A piece written by Shaurya Bansal

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