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Essence, as we define it, encompasses drawing inspiration from our surroundings—the sights, sounds, smells, sensations, and imaginings that make up the fabric of the human experience. Often, this inspiration originates from the natural world itself. Whether it be the dancing flames of fire, the delicate drizzle of rainfall, or the whispering serenade of the leaves in the breeze, there are moments of witnessing that encapsulate the very essence of Mother Nature. 


Now is the time to truly embrace the unrefined, majestic, and intrinsic beauty of nature, while also striving to do it justice. After all, it is a luxury to experience the creations, allure, and undeniable grandeur of the natural world. To honor it appropriately involves celebrating its magnificence through mediums like fashion, art, and culture, all the while ensuring  that sustainability is at the forefront. 


In this issue, we delve into how the luxury industry draws inspiration from nature and pays homage to its power and beauty—a reminder of the importance of protecting and preserving our natural environment now and in the future. It is my hope that you emerge from these pages with a deeper respect and admiration for the natural world, as well as a deeper understanding of the ways that luxury and nature intersect.


Isabel Crespo, Editor-in-Chief

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